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When those who help need help themselves

Why do bad things happen to good people? Now there’s a question with no answer. And here’s a case where it applies: Marion Peake of Helping Those in Need (HTIN) is fighting for her life and she needs our help.

Marion and her husband Matthew are the founders of HTIN, an East London NGO dedicated, literally, to helping those in need. Through food parcels, community outreach, fostering, advocacy and with a heart for the homeless, abused, neglected and vulnerable, the Peakes have touched countless lives.

If the good that people do in this life were measured in gold and silver, the Peakes would be wealthy beyond measure. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until they get to heaven for that type of reward. Until then, their earthly coffers are empty.

This post is not about HTIN and is not a plea for funds for that organisation, as noble as it is.

This time, the Peakes themselves need help.

In 2018 Marion was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since undergone a double mastectomy. She has been in varying degrees of good and bad health ever since.

Marion is receiving treatment from doctors and specialists at Frere, a government hospital (January 2020). Tests are currently being run to get to the cause of what is currently causing her such incredible pain and discomfort, and she alternates between being admitted and receiving medication while at home.

Finances will never heal and health is priceless, but money can help in practical ways: keeping their children and foster children fed and well, keeping petrol in the vehicles, being able to buy quality food so that Marion can get the correct nutrition to get well, and so on. Money can ease the weight off a mind burdened with worry about when this road to recovery will start sloping upwards.

Marion is an incredibly special human being and I am appealing to anyone with the means to help, to do so. Our paths have crossed often over the past few years and I have nothing but genuine respect, admiration and love for a woman who lives and breathes the message that Christ gave of being His hands and feet in helping those in need.

Bank details:

ME Peake


Account number: 1163586488

Branch Code: 470010

(Marion has provided her personal bank account details because the couple may not use funds donated to HTIN for personal use.)

Contact Matthew on 084 313 4592 or myself, Taralyn Mclean, on 082 722 5688 if you need further information.

God has already gone ahead and prepared the hearts that will help.

Thank you,

Taralyn Mclean

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