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RIP Precious Rosco

There’s a dog-shaped lump in my throat and an ache in my heart. My darling Rosco, my patient fixture in my life who arrived skinny and fresh from the SPCA 11 years ago, has left this world.

Rosco passed peacefully yesterday; his spirit was willing but his body was weak. His disproportionately dainty back legs could no longer support his unnaturally bloated belly. The time had come to let him go.

He’s in doggy heaven, playing with Mitch and Basil and Skippy and Nike and Sarah, and all other loved dogs who are back in their prime and just waiting for their owners to join them.

My special thanks to Dr Willie Delport from Beacon Bay Vet Clinic for his confirming our decision, and for the hug when I couldn’t stop crying; and to Dr Roger Davies from Wild Coast Vet for making a house call. He was so very kind and gentle and made Rosco’s passage from this world to the next a peaceful process. We were with him until the very last breath, and he knew he was loved.

I read 1 Corinthians 13 the other day, and can substitute my dog’s name wherever the word “love” appears. Rosco was patient, Rosco was kind. … Rosco always protected, always trusted, always persevered. He forgave me those years when I let him slide way down in my priorities when the babies came, and has enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing retirement as he moved from donut to the garden and back again.

I drove up to the gate this morning, returning from the shops, and fully expected to see him there. There’s a big space where his donut used to be in our home. Layla, his Great Dane friend, is lost and subdued.

What a Good Good Dog. What a legend. He was my first dog and I am so lucky we found each other.

Rest in Peace, my darling. Thank you for the memories. We will never forget you.


I wrote this post late last year. It’s a perfect description of Rosco’s twilight years.

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