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Flop-proof, foolproof, frikken delicious ‘Nachos’

My colleague-turned-precious friend Tracey Mangold shared this Nachos recipe with me years ago, and it’s a staple whenever we have friends over. I zip round to Spargs SuperSpar in Beacon Bay, pick up the ingredients, layer them in a dish, pop it in the oven, and it’s never failed as a crowd pleaser. I think the secret lies in the deliciousness of each individual ingredient – combined together you can’t lose.

Kim and Julz enjoying the nachos at a Mclean braai. Easy starter for when the men take forever with the meat.

This has literally been my go-to whenever I have to do a side dish, and I’ve often been asked how I make these “nachos”. So here you go! Super easy, and ingredients aren’t set in stone. If you can’t find crème fraiche, layer on mascarpone! If you can’t find readymade guacamole, layer on avo slices etc etc. Not much can go wrong = my type of dish.


Quantities here are to make two dishes – a main one with all the trimmings, and a second one that is plainer, for the kids (or for extra leftovers the next day). The brands aren’t important – these are just the ingredients I find at Spargs and can even be changed according to what’s on special that day.

· Two packets of nacho chips – I like to combine plain salted with a bag of any other flavour.

· Two cans of tomato and Onion mix (not plain tomato like in the photo… that was for the monkey gland sauce to go with the fillet)

· Two tubs of Crème Fraiche

· Two tubs of guacamole

· Handful of grated cheese – whatever’s in your fridge

· Dash of sweet chilli sauce


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Crack open the chips and roughly mix the two flavours together, dividing between two dishes.

Pour over the tomato onion mix.

Spoon over the crème fraiche.

Spoon guacamole, or place slices of avocado, on top of the mixture in the big dish (for grown up palates).

Scatter cheese over the top of both.

Squirt a little Sweet Chilli sauce over the top of the "adult" dish.

Pop in the oven and try not forget about it. The dishes are ready once the cheese starts browning, and you can leave them in the oven with the appliance turned off for ages – keeps the nachos hot and it’s difficult to overcook the dish. The longer in the oven, the better.

I keep this dish vegetarian so it keeps better and suits everyone. The addition of beef or chicken strips can turn it into a meal for the family.

Enjoy! – Taralyn Mclean

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