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Extraordinary Ordinary Eastern Cape: John Mak the Trainer

I have recently started spinning in training for a big cycle coming up next year, and it is through this that I have crossed paths with John Mak the Trainer. I had to feature him in this Extraordinary Ordinary Eastern Cape series because he radiates energy and passion, and is purposefully working at creating a brand that will bring exercise to the ordinary person out there and making them feel extraordinary after leaving a training session gym class.

What is your preferred name and surname?

I am known as John Mak (the Trainer).

Where do you live in the Eastern Cape? I live in Beacon Bay, East London.

What is your greatest achievement, and how did you get to that point?

I honestly think that I have big moments every single day. My purpose is to touch and change lives in some sort of way.

So, after giving group training for the 100th time, getting a compliment after a gym class is a MAJOR achievement for me! The fact that someone would take time out of their day to thank me, is a blessing.

That even after all this time (about 5 years), I can still connect to people and leave them feeling good.

I spend a lot of time researching and planning my group/individual sessions, so any and all positive feedback means that I heading in the right direction and I don't take it lightly.

How would you describe your part of the Eastern Cape to someone who had never visited? The scenery is beautiful, the trees, wildlife, beaches.etc are all a treat.

The people are colourful and friendly (most days) and they are an experience all of their own. I love people, so this is a highlight for me!

My part of the Eastern Cape is so special. It's GREEN and ALIVE!

Tell me about your brand/product, in as many words as you like.

I think I can best describe my brand through my slogan "Sweat and Smiles".

In everything I do, I work hard and put my heart into it.

I want to be the MOST PASSIONATE personal trainer in South Africa. I care about the people and want to add value to as many lives as I can.

My dream is to bring my brand of fitness to the people who can't seem to find the time. I want to reach parents, teachers, nurses, doctors, company staff, civil servants.etc.

Those people who spend all of their time taking care of others and forget about themselves. I want to be a part of their health/fitness journeys, that's my mission!

John Mak the Trainer can be reached on 081 254 2470. He has a Facebook page here.

This series seeks to tell the stories of the people making this province the Extraordinary Ordinary Eastern Cape. To take part, like the Thank You Sorry Facebook page here and let me know. Thank you, Taralyn

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