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Enjoying a Sunday scroll...

Updated: Feb 18

You know why I like scrolling? It gives my busy brain a break. I like seeing what other people are up to. I like not having to concentrate, allowing my social media feed to direct my attention and funnel my train of thoughts in so many different directions.

Sometimes I learn something new; sometimes a meme or poster confirms what I knew. Seeing what I feel reflected back at me in a post makes me feel like I'm on the same page with at least somebody. I love that I can keep somewhat up to date with people from my home town, my varsity days, former colleagues, antenatal group friends and more via social media because let's be honest, there are only a handful of people I stay in touch with via Whatsapp or email.

There is so much negativity around social media but I have to say, I like so many aspects of it. Youtubing is my new fave way of watching TV - the ability to flit around and land on whatever short clips catch my interest, then move on swiftly, suits me as a person who hardly ever has the attention span required to actually watch a full movie from start to finish.

And yes, I know about fake news and steer clear of the dodgy posts. I've unfriended or blocked weirdos or politically incorrect "friends" if I disagree with what lands on my feed. And if someone is different on their profile to how they are in real life, they've gotten the chop as well (I doubt they noticed).

Social media is not evil, it's interesting. Mark Zuckerberg may have opened Pandora's Box but him and the rest of the social media pioneers have changed the way we communicate. Love it or hate it, our kids won't know a world without selfies or snapchats.

Like anything in life, there's good and bad to Facebook, Instagram etc, and it's all entirely opt in. Recognising that nothing is for free, truly, and being mindful of what you share is definitely a consideration, but in my opinion, moderation is the key and also not taking everything so seriously (or at face value).

Limp Bizkit may have been Rolling Rolling Rolling but you know what, one of my life's pleasures is scrolling scrolling scrolling...

See you in cyberspace! - Taralyn Mclean, February 2020

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