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  • taralynmclean

A whole year of #TSP

Thanks for a whole year of #TSP, funny how very little has changed from my 1 Jan selfie last year! (Coffee... sunnies.. just a little less hungover this time around).

Sorry, I wondered if I would be able to keep #TSP up; but bar a few days, I have and now I have a lekker record of 2019. Please let me know if you're keen to give #TSP a go - thank you for something, sorry for something, and asking "please" for something every day. Some days are easier than others to find a highlight, or even a lowlight; this is a doable way to record the mundane and the marvelous, the extraordinary and the ordinary of everyday life. Wishing all my friends and family a fabulous 2020. #TSP200101

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